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Bamboo Sunglasses Australia

Bamboo is a wonderful environmentally friendly resource used in many cultures and has found it's way into the western world. As an eco-friendly family we love the fact that you can have your cake and eat it when it comes to buying products that don't harm the environment. We stock only 100% handcrafted bamboo sunglasses and are proud retailer of the new Bamb-U range of bamboo eyewear! 
Many brands claim to have bamboo sunglasses, but what we have observed is only a small part is made from bamboo. We can guarantee that our range of sunglass frames are crafted with 100% bamboo, minus the lens and metal hinges. Not only the frame is made out of bamboo the protection case is made from 100% bamboo with a soft pouch insert, which comes free with any purchase! 
All of our bamboo sunglasses are specially coated with a protection layer for extra protection from water and cracking. We offer a 1 year warranty from date of purchase so you can be reassured your new bamboo eyewear is also covered under warranty. If you have any question we have written a FAQ page for fast referencing, feel free to contact us for 1-24 hour response time promise or call our customer care number for urgent enquires. Thank you for shopping at Bamboo Sunglasses Australia! 

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